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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Mar 17, 2021

Checkout Episode 183 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic! This Is A Small Life Catchup About Taking Small Trips, Pine Trees, Local Breweries, and Great Movies.  Then It's A Half Chat About The Keystone Habits That Not Only Give You A Stop Gap Toward The Health & Wellness Fall Off But Also Why They Boost The Mess Outta Your Life With Goodness.  The Second Half Being About About 5 Often Overlooked Hangups That Many of Us Have That Could Be Keeping Us From Doing Way More Than We Are With Our Health & Fitness. In The Mix of It All Is Everything From Lasagna For Breakfast, What Dinneakfast Is, Meal Regularity, Lean Protein & Veggies, Wasting Food Is A Lie, Coping Mechanisms, More Ginger Beer, and More!… As Usual There's A Whole Lotta Other Fun And Just It's Another All Around Good Time! So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

✔️ What's Been Happening In Life Since Last Week

✔️ Trips Up North Around The Pine Trees Is Glorious

✔️ Quesadillas Are The Ultimate Win…Why Have I Overlooked Them

✔️ The Vaccine and Fatigue/Arm Pain… But A Net Positive

✔️ The Keystone Habits That Provide A Stop Gap But Also Vibrancy

✔️ You're Probably Doing Better Than You're Giving Yourself Credit For

✔️ Eating With Regularity & Housing Veggies

✔️ Water and Non-Calorie Beverages Always

✔️ Do You Have Non-Food Related Coping Mechanisms… Perhaps Consider Them

  • ✔️ Eating Any Type of Meal At Any Hour of The Day

✔️ Throwing Away Food Is Not Wasting… In Fact It's A Huge Plus

✔️ Using "I Don't Know' As An Excuse Is Complete Nonsense

✔️ Over-Inflating Your Food, Fitness, and Life Issues Is Holding You Back

✔️ People Don't Care About What You Do As Much As You Think

✔️ Dope Movies, More Diet Ginger Beer Obsession, Getting In Exercise, Dinneakfast, and Much More!



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