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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Mar 27, 2019

This Episode Is An Answering of A Whole Bunch of Questions By Yours Truly! There’s A Whole Bunch of Topics In This Episode That I Run Through Quickly, But First It’s A Catch Up On Life Since It’s Been Awhile Since We Had A Solo Show! You Are Going To Love It! Stick Around For The Fun!

Topics Include…

  • Rude People And Why They Need To Stop 
  • Eating Oysters, Jumbalaya, and Making Things
  • Eating Before Bed and Too Many Calories
  • Desert Island Musical Artists
  • Are Nuts Healthy? 
  • Reflection On The 7x7s and Why They’re Awesome
  • 80s & 90s Music + Workout Muzik
  • What I’m Reading and Why You Should Be Nicer To People
  • Diets, Low Carb, Influences … And More! 

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