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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

May 27, 2020

This Episode Is A Fantastic Chat With The One and Only Coach Kenny Johnson! Coach KJ Is A Health & Fitness Coach, Specializes In Taking People From Broken To Phenomenal & Extraordinary, An Experienced and Incredibly Smart Trainer, Has A Uniquely Awesome Voice, And Most Significantly Is Just An All Around Good Dude! KJ Is A Go With The Flow Guy and It Shows Throughout The Podcast As We Talk About Everything From HIs Background Story, Why He Does What He Does, The State of Men Today, Giving Hope To Those Lost, Hip Hop Albums, Mentors, Dealing With The Pandemic, Polar Bears, and More! It's One of The Funnest Convos I've Had In A Long Time, Stick Around For The Fun My Friends! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • Kenny's Journey & Path Into The Health & Fitness World
  • Following Your Dreams and Finding Your Ministry
  • More People Need To KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
  • Doing Things With Your Why & Purpose In Mind
  • Early Influences That Shape Your Life
  • Breaking Down 80s & 90s Hip Hop Albums
  • Comparing Dr. Dre Albums With Insight
  • The Difference Between Staying Hungry & Thirsty
  • Water, Protein, Shake & Coffee Is All You Need
  • Not Being A Coffee Snob But Loving It
  • The Power of Simply Being A Good Person
  • The State of Men Today...and Where We May Be Getting Things Wrong
  • Not Being Stuck In A Box and Standing Up For What's Right
  • The Lost Art of Listening and Why It's So Important
  • Having Intensity With No Intentions
  • Mentors & Friends That Have Impacted His Life And Why
  • Why People Should Visit California
  • Training Shoes, Making French Toast, Crispy Bacon, Harvey Keitel, And More!

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