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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

May 6, 2020

This Episode Is A Special Episode and One That You're Gonna Love! It's A Quarantine Convo With The One & Only Eli Paperboy Reed.  Eli Is A Soul Singer and Musician That Makes You Feel Like You're Listening To A Blend Al Green, Solomon Burke, Sam Cooke, & A Touch of James Brown Rolled Into A Modern Sound. He Has Created A Truly Unique Sound, Style, & A Powerful Voice That Is Lost In Today's Age.  It's A Really Fun Episode..We Talk About A Number of Things From His Upbringing, Evolution of His Career, Influences On His Music, Living In NYC, Working With Big Daddy Kane, Gospel Music, Breakfast Orders, Describing The Sun, and More! So Take An Hour and Detach From The Chaos, and Checkout The Chatter Between One of The Best Musicians On Earth and A Mumbling Moron! Yes Indeed My Friends! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • A Breakdown of Exactly Who Eli Paperboy Reed Is
  • The Happiness of Spending Time With Family During Quarantine Lockdown 
  • Growing Up In Boston and Appreciating Music From The Get Go
  • His Daily Lockdown Livestreams That He's Doing Every Day
  • The Importance of Being A Music Historian As A Musician
  • Putting It On The Line To Chase A Dream Instead of Future Regret
  • Playing In and Honing Skills In A Number of Churches Early On
  • Life In New York City Forces You To Get Better and Sharpen Your Skills
  • What The Songwriting Process Is Like
  • Major Musical Influences & Working With Big Daddy Kane
  • Knowing What You Like and What You Don't Like As a Musician
  • Some Eli's Favorite Places To Play Shows
  • Supporting Your Favorite Artists Is Essential
  • How Eli's Life Has Changed Since Having Kids
  • Breakfast Diner Orders, Corn Pops, Favorite Beers, Soul Music, The Tiring Su, And More!


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