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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

May 1, 2019

This Episode Is An Escape From ‘Shame Island’ With Sara Teller! I’ve Been Looking Forward To This Conversation For A Long Time, and You’re Gonna Both Love It and Get A Lot Out of It! 

Sara Is A Number Of Things, Number 1 Being An All Around Great Person! Here Is Some Background On Sara However! 

Creator of, which started as a supplemental site for Narcissistic Abuse: A Survival Guide that Mad Hatter Publishing released in December 2017.  

Visitors able to read blog posts and gain insight into abuse recovery...

The site has evolved to include posts on post-traumatic stress disorder which can develop as a result of abuse, and more recently, to include topics related to energy healing.

Thus, currently, the site is meant to promote full body healing – inside and out.  There’s a focus on holistic healing (i.e., the importance of positivity, the law of attraction, conscious manifestation, meditation and mindfulness, exercise and eating right). 

Sara has a title on PTSD in the works a manuscript completed and submitted to the same publisher.  Be on the lookout for this because when it gets published it’s going to be a game changer.

Sara has worked for 15 years in publishing and entertainment in a myriad of ways such as intellectual property, content digitization, acquisitions, editorial. 

  • The Romeo Observer
  • Publications International Ltd. 
  • HOUR Detroit Magazine
  • Cengage Leraning 

Sara has published 3 fiction titles…

  • Once Upon a Starry Night (Dorrance Publishing, 2006)
  • Cookies (PublishAmerica, 2007)
  • Another Bridge to Cross (Lulu, 2007).

We Barely Scratch The Surface In An Hour And 20 Minutes But Still Cover A Whole Bunch of Different Topics.  

Topics Include…

  • Narcissism and It’s Lengthy Spectrum From Low Level To Malignant
  • Identifying Narcissism In Yourself In Others 
  • PTSD and The Stressful Life We All Live 
  • Billboards and Walking Away From Shame Island
  • Helping People With A Whole Body Approach
  • The Perilous Stigmas Revolving Around Mental Health
  • The Blend Between Subjectiveness & Objectiveness of Life
  • Frank The Goat, What’s For Dinner, Licks, Traffic Chaos, Superbad, And More! 

A Few Links That Can Help Get Started In Sara’s Work and Things We Talked About… 


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