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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jan 22, 2020

This Episode Is A Chat With The Finks That Covers All Things Marriage, Relationships, Happiness, and Enjoying Life…Doesn’t That Sound Fun! I Open Up About Some Deep Seated Feelings About My Relationship and Get Learnt On How To Be In Matrimony! We Cover A Ton of Stuff That Range From A Basic Catch Up On Life With The Finks Because It's Been So Long Since We’ve Chatted, To Lessons/Tips/Advice On Building and Growing In A Marriage and How They’ve Developed For The Better Over The Past 5 Years! In Addition There’s Lots About Having Fun In Life, Getting Over Your Old Ideas About Your Life, Why Michigan and HOME Is Fantastic, Traveling, Holding Onto What’s Important, Bat Filled Skies, Why The 90s Were Great, and More! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • Learning What Onamonapia Is, and Is It The Same Thing As A Palindrome?
  • Scratch Off Books To Add Fulfillment To Your Life…Will Do List-Esque
  • Playing Date Roulette Can Add Excitement Into Your Plans
  • Loving Home Even More Than You Love Adventure Isn’t A Bad Thing
  • The Rationale Behind How We’re Planning A Honeymoon
  • Tips of How To Enjoy The Fast Time That Is A Wedding
  • Marriage Advice That Covers All Different Elements of Growing In Relationship With Another
  • Finding Things About Yourself That You Never Knew You Wanted
  • Why Would Anyone Want To Do Dishes
  • Don’t Let Things Get Bottled Up Because The Fruits Are Always Worth More
  • Making A Case For Long Distance Relationships Being A Possible Good Thing
  • Coming Home From Trips and Just Needing A Hug
  • Acting On What Pulls At Your Heart The Hardest In The Midst of The Utmost Turmoil
  • When Love Feels Like ‘Home’
  • Assuming The Best In The Other Person 
  • The Funnest Things Done So Far and How They Will Be Topped! 
  • Describing The 90s In 5 Words, Describing Bat Filled Skies, Shark Diving, And More! 


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