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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

May 8, 2019

This Episode Is A Breakdown of The Life Lessons That I Got From Watching The Classic Film “To Kill A Mockingbird”.  Whether You’ve Never Seen The Movie/Read The Book or It’s Your All Time Favorite I Think There Will Be Some Points And Connections That Will Resonate With You… or Maybe You Will Think I’m Just A Buffoon, Either Way Stick Around For The Key Points I Took From It! 

Topics Include…

  • Never Growing Old In Your Body But Growing Old In Your Mind 
  • Going Against The Grain Regardless of Consequences 
  • Showing Up In The Dark of The Night 
  • Hitting Things With Sticks 
  • How A Kind Word Can Change The World 
  • Feeding The Bird of Your Soul 
  • Being The Pillar of Strength and Reassurance 
  • Following Mentors That Can Change Your Life 
  • Weekly Recaps, Spending Too Much Money, Daffodils, And More! 

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