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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jul 4, 2018

This Episode I’m Joined By Special Guest U.S. Marine Dean Smith, and We Talk A Multitude of Things and Pretty Much Solve Most All of The Worlds Problems In The Process.  Dean Is An All Around Amazing Guy That Doesn’t Talk The Talk But With Everything He Walks The Walk! We Talk Everything From Honoring Veterans To The Movie Jaws, and A Bunch of Random Things On Top of It All… Topics Include…

  • The Jason Freiwald Memorial 
  • The Significance of Picking Up Straws
  • The Problem With Protesting 
  • Taking Action Over Talking Action
  • The Power of The Mind To Overcome Extreme Obstacles 
  • Finding Good People and Surrounding Yourself With Them
  • Military Stories, Deadlifting and Shrugging Metric Tons, Fear of Swimming Pools, Boston Cream Pie…

… And More! 

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