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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

May 26, 2021

This Episode Is A Much Needed Random Chat With Good People.  The Audio Quality Is Beyond Suspect, But That's Because It Was A Completely Spur of The Moment Recording… But A Great One. I'm Joined By 3 Fellow Teachers, Friends, and Returners To The Podcast Thomas Austin & The Finks and We Simply Talk About All Things Life.  Sometimes You Just Need Random Conversation Because It's Therapy, and In This Therapy Session We Talk About Everything From Upcoming Surgeries, Travel Plans. Why You Shouldn't Wait To Make Good Choices, How Priorities Change Over Time, Underrated Movies, Being Kept Organized, The Positives In Negative Times, Semi-Creepy Enjoyment In Cadaver Labs, and Much Much More! But As Usual There's A Whole Lotta Other Ramblings and It's An All Around Good Time! So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

✔️ What's Been Happening In Life From The Past Week, Month, Year

✔️ Getting Older, Random Injuries, & The Perils of Surgeries

✔️ Lessons Learned As You Go Through Seasons of Life

✔️ Being Content With The Family You Have & Enjoying The Bitter Sweet

✔️The Case For Marriage Counseling In The Best of Times

✔️ There's Always Something To Be Done, Make The Most of What You Have Always

✔️ Air Conditioning Is A Must For Some People... Everything

✔️ What Is It That Will Make Your Marriage, Friendships, & Life Fulfilled

✔️ Movies That Are Underrated

✔️ When Your Wife Keeps You Organized and May Kill You For Saying So

✔️ Cloud 10, Traveling With Parents, Not Regretting Things, & Much More!


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