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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jan 27, 2021

This Episode Is A Breakdown of The 4 Most Influential Books To My Life, But Not Just Telling You What They Are But Then A Quick Synopsis, The Key Takeaways That I Drew From Them and HOW They Impacted My Life, As Well As The Biggest Takeaways That You Can Apply Specifically To Your Health, Fitness, & Wellness Journey Of Life.  These Books Have Deep and Profound Lessons That Can Change Your Life and This Is My Description of How.  In These We Will Discuss Your Past Not Defining You, Overcoming Resistance, The Stopping of Lies You Tell Yourself, and The Supernatural Power of Hope…Just To Name A Few Things. As Well As Some Life Catchup Including Anniversaries, Finding New Music, and The World When You're Not There. There's A Lot To Discuss Here So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

✔️ Whats Been Happening In Life Recently

✔️ Celebrating A One Year Anniversary In A Shut Down World

✔️ Tuna Steak Is As Underrated As Things Get

✔️ Finding New Music You Never Knew Existed

✔️ The World When You're Not Around

✔️The 4 Books That Have Impacted My Life The Most and How They Can Impact Yours

✔️ The Life Of Frederick Douglass Is One of Purpose, Perseverance, and Unmatched Goodness

✔️Your Past Does Not Define Who You Can Become

✔️The War of Art and Overcoming The Resistance In Your Life

✔️Becoming A Pro and Letting Go of Amateur Status In Weight Loss

✔️Setting You Own Life In Order and Not Worrying About Outsiders

✔️Stopping The Lies We Tell Ourselves That Are Keeping Us Trapped

✔️Digging Deep Into The Lessons of Viktor Frankl

✔️The Power of Hope Is Something That Cannot Be Matched or Explained

✔️Putting A Deeper Meaning Into Your Why and Relying On That Over Ambition

✔️Adjusting To Any Circumstance Is Within Your Power

✔️Soy Sauce, Sarah Vaughn, Beastie Boys, and Much More!


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