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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Feb 16, 2022

Check Out Episode 231 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic Which Is The 2022 Edition of Our Favorite Time of The Year… It's 'Will Do List' Time! Russell Malburg Is Back To Discuss All The Ways That 2021 Went Great, and All The Ways That I Dropped The Ball. The Lessons Learned From Last Year, Like Most Years Shape Our Plan of Attack This Upcoming Year. We Dig Into Both This Year and Break Down Such Topics As Paying For Penalties, Eating Lots of New Foods, Getting On Roller Skates, Doing Things We May or May Not Loathe, Putting Bible Notes Into Digital Form, Circumventing The Detroit Food Game, Unique Bars, Letting The People Choose, and Much More! ….Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It!

Topics Include…

✔️ Catching Up On Life With Russell Before The Onslaught of Will Do's

✔️ The Positives & Negatives of The 2021 Will Do List

✔️ Eating 7,000 Calories In One Day With Ease

✔️ Spreading Goodness Through Positive Actions

✔️ Postponing A Few Items & Russ In Charge of My Funeral

✔️ The Long Awaited Unveiling of The 2022 Will Do List

✔️ Russell's Plan To Penalize Any and Every Mishap That Comes Up

✔️ Joining A Book Club and Having It Change My Life

✔️ Taking The Risks of A Waterslide As An Adult

✔️ Watching The Wire and Listening To Unknown Records

✔️ Turning A Year's Worth of Bible Notes Into A Digital Masterpiece

✔️ Russ's Knowledge of Bartending and Random Things

✔️ Getting Over My Disdain For Disc Golf

✔️ Nobody Dislikes Themed Nights Like Me, So I Guess I'll Host Some

✔️ Putting Out A Poll To Choose My Final Will Do List Option

✔️ Montenegro, Midlife Crisis, Donut Letdowns, & Much More!


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