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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Mar 4, 2020

This Episode Is A Very Special Episode With One of The Most Important and Significant Women In My Life.  Donna Rouse Walked Into My Life Over A Half of A Decade Ago To Transform Her Life… Lose Some Weight and Start To Move, Look, and Feel Better.  Little Did I Know That In That Time She Would Impact My Life In Indescribable Amounts.  In That Time She Has Not Only Lost and Kept Off 60+ Pounds, But Has Become A Completely New Creation In All Areas of Life! In This Episode We Chat About Her Journey, Mistakes, Triumphs, Goals, Advice, Life, and A Plethora of Takeaways That Are Applicable To Everyone and Truly Life Transforming…In Addition To That We Riff On A Whole Bunch of Nonsense Ranging From Lasagna To Red Pandas…and Yes Indeed! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • Who Donna Rouse Is and Why She's So Amazing, Important, and Significant
  • Donna's Journey From Poor To Phenomenal Health
  • Being Open To Joining A Community of Change, Support, and Family
  • Starting At Rock Bottom and Slowly Progressing At The Right Pace
  • Overcoming The Fears of Getting Started 
  • The Epitome of Selflessness and How To Find Yourself In The Goodness 
  • Rethinking J.O.Y. and How To Take Jesus, Others, and Yourself To The Next Level
  • How Donna Has Found Balance In Her Eating and Exercise
  • Becoming A New Creation In ALL Areas of Life...Food, Fitness, and LIFE As A Whole
  • The Skills & Habits That Donna Has Developed To Maintain Her Health
  • Staying Within Striking Distance of Your Next Level
  • How Donna Has Evolved From Day 1 to Today
  • Tips To Overcome A Lack of Confidence In Who You Could Become
  • Going Through Everything From Moving Homes, Cancer, Life Crisis, Weddings, and Everything Else Under The Sun Together
  • Moving It or Losing It!
  • Chocolate Desserts, Rice Krispy Treats, Rapid Fire Turnarounds, Love Songs, And More! 


Checkout Donna Here... and Reach Out To Her For Advice! 

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