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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jun 16, 2022

Check Out Episode 248 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic and Part 2 of A Little Rundown of Things You  Can Do To Improve Your Health, Fitness, Habits, Life, and Everything In Between With Some Actual Concrete Things To Apply To Your Days. We All Love Lists, But Sometimes They Can Become Easy To Agree With And Gloss Over... I Hope This Is Not Like That. In Part 2 I Talk About Such Things As Filling Your House With Veggies, Planned Grocery Shopping, Moving Faster, Investing In Hobbies, Resistance Training, Conditioning Training, Building Shelves, and Much More!

Topics Include… 

✔️ A Delayed Podcast Release & Quick Life Catchup

✔️ Building Floating Shelves and Getting More Tools

✔️ Reviewing Part 1 and Reminding We Don't Need Them All

✔️ Filling Your House With Veggies and Keeping Them Out

✔️ Purposely Planning The Groceries You'll Buy

✔️ Moving Faster & With Purpose Is Extremely Beneficial

✔️ Getting A Full Physical Every Single Year Regardless of Age

✔️ Developing and Investing In Hobbies Is Incomparable

✔️ Don't Lose Sight of What Makes You Happy

✔️ Resistance Train & Conditioning Train Multiple Times A Week

✔️ Summer Heat, Fun Containers, Busy Times, Green Tea Is Awful, & Much More!


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