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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Aug 20, 2022

Check Out Episode 257 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic and Another Q&A Session After A Quick Life Catchup About Concerts and Local Recommendations. In This Episode I Talk About Questions and Topics Such As  Diet Food Mt. Rushmores, My Pet Peeves, Me Being Vice President, College Football, and Much More!

Topics Include… 

✔️ A Life Catchup As of Late

✔️ Being Reminded of How Good The Avett Brothers Are

✔️ What Would You Recommend People Do In Your Hometown?

✔️ What's Been A Summer Highlight In Life

✔️ Getting Back Into College Football This Year

✔️ What Is One of My Biggest Pet Peeves That I Turn Into A Lot

✔️ We Have A Disrespect and Narcism Epidemic

✔️ My Mt. Rushmore of Diet Foods

✔️ Making A Fantastic Meal For Low Calories With High Protein

✔️ Who I Would Serve Under As Vice President In History

✔️ Cole Slaw, Middle Lane Guy, Not Saying Excuse Me, & Much More!


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