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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Dec 11, 2019

This Week’s Episode Is A Cool, Calm, & Chaotic Is An Hour Or So of Rambling About Life Right Now and How We Have To Adjust With The Seasons of Life To Make The Most Progress AND Make The Most Out of Life At The Same Time! We Recap Life Happenings, Talk About Boston, Standing Up For What’s Right, Getting Baptized, Lobster Rolls, and More! I Know You’ll Get A Lot Out of This! Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It! 

Topics Include…

  • Adjusting Your Goals, Routine, and Life With Different Seasons of Life 
  • Weekend Trip To Boston and It Was Amazing
  • Scaling Up, Down, Sideways, and Every Which Way To Make The Most Gains 
  • I Don’t Understand How Life Exists/Happens When I’m Not There 
  • Making Sure Your Priorities Are In Check and You Focus On What Matters Most
  • Catching Up On Life’s Shenanigans 
  • Getting A Stye In My Eye
  • Recapping Key Points From Recent Episodes of Awesome Guests
  • Getting A New Truck and Struggling To Name It
  • Minimal Is Usually Always Good, Especially With Thanksgiving + Stuffing Is Awesome
  • Getting Baptized and Staying Obedient To The Life You Want To Live
  • Make Time, Make Sacrifices, or Adapt To Fit Your Situation
  • Stopping Getting Ready To Get Ready
  • Talking To Strangers With Every Opportunity You Have
  • Seeing Caamp and Attending Hillsong Boston Church Service In The Same Venue
  • The Founding Fathers Need To Be Appreciated More
  • Men and Women Standing Up For and Living Out What Matters Most
  • Lobster Rolls, Uber Drivers, Ghost Dad, and More! 


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