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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Nov 27, 2019

This Week’s Episode Is A Cool, Calm, & Chaotic Special Podcast Because It’s With The Epitome of Health, Fitness, and Life Wisdom…The One and Only Dan John.  Dan Has Had The Biggest Impact On My Health & Fitness Career, and I Consider Him My Premier Mentor From Afar.  Dan Has Decades of Experience In The World of Fitness, Athletics, Exercise, Theology, and LIFE As A Whole Both As An Athlete and Coach.  He Is The Author of Infinite Books, Articles, Blogs, Videos, and Content At Large That Spans Decades of Time and A Magnitude of Areas.  In A World of Distraction and Chasing The ‘Next Best Thing’ The Truth and What Actually Works Always Seems To Come Back To The Basics…and That’s Where Dan John Resides, In The Successful World of The Foundational Basics! This Was A True Honor To Be Able To Chat With Dan, and I Know You’ll Get A Lot Out of This! Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It! 

Topics Include…

  • Show Up…Just Show Up! That Will Take Care of Most Everything 
  • Being Genuinely Grateful To All of The Mentors In Your Life 
  • Pirate Maps & Shark Habits Will Lead You To Success Without The Stress
  • How The World of Sports & Fitness Pave The Way For Culture/Society 
  • Starting With The Absolute Basics Wins…No For Real…The BARE BASICS
  • Making Reasonable The Standard 
  • For The First Month Just Drink 2 Glasses of Water…Just 2 Glasses
  • Sleep First, Nutrition Second, Exercise Third… In That Order
  • Little and Often Over The Long Haul 
  • Galway Ireland Being The Perfect Getaway…or Is It Dingle?
  • The Truth Is That Everyone Knows What Works
  • The Best Way To Lose Fat Is To Not Get Fat In The First Place 
  • Take Care of Business Early and Good Things Will Work Out Down The Road
  • Finding The Lever To Push On Yourself That Will Keep You Accountable 
  • Be In The Present Moment and Set The Distractions Aside 
  • Teaching Theology and The Genius of Biblical Writing
  • Irish Dance Skills, Elementary Uniforms, Passing On Lime Green, 2 Kinds of Beans, Animal House, and More! 

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