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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jan 23, 2019

This Episode Is A Top 19 Tools, Implements, Reminiscing On Some Lessons I Learned From Traveling In 2018, Both Near & Far! Maybe Some of Them You Can Relate To or Apply To Your Life… 

Topics Include…

  • The Health, Wellness, & Fitness Related Tools You Should Have
  • Crock & Insta-Pots Benefits 
  • The Significance of Music For Your Workouts and Motivation 
  • Compression Gear & Shoes For You 
  • Dan John & Why You Need To Follow Him For Your Overall Health Wellness 
  • The Kitchen Tools That Can Change Your Body Fat Game 
  • Podcasts & Audio Thangz That You Should Listen To 
  • Purposely Creating Accountability 
  • Pet Ferrets, Vehicle Snow Issues, Donald Trump’s Appearance, And More…

… And More! 

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