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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Feb 21, 2018

In This Episode I Am Joined By A Certified Lunatic, My Cousin Nina Job.  We Talk About The Putting Yourself In Situations Where You Have To SINK or SWIM! As A Hairdresser and Master Barber In New York City, We Talk About A Bunch of Positives That Come From Committing Yourself To Doing More In The Face of Adversity Among Many Other Things Such As…

  • Sink or Swim Commitments 
  • Giving Yourself ONE Option 
  • Importance of JUST ACTING 
  • Growing From The Trials of The Struggle  
  • How To Stay Active In Progress Instead of Active In Regress 
  • Finding Ways To Make LIFE Work When The Chips Are Low 
  • Winter Polar Dips, Common Good People, Concerts, Hot Sauce Fun, Exercise Ebbs and Flows, Greasy Hair, The Sandlot….

… And More! 

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