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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Feb 14, 2018


In This Episode I Talk About The Power of Being An Overcomer and A Victor Instead of Living IN The Prison of The Victim Mindset.  I Waste Little Time Getting Right To It Today, and I Think It’s A Significant Topic To Help Take Us From Stuck To Victory In All Areas of Life! Lots of Thinking and Reflecting… Things I Talk about Are…

  • Victor vs. Victim Mindset 
  • Create A Thinking of Overcoming 
  • Restructuring Obstacles To Your Benefit
  • Tips To Reframe The Words You Speak  
  • Getting Real With Yourself About Life’s Issues 
  • The Night To Shine That Changed My Life 
  • Winter Snow, Mellow Music, Shopping Cart Scumbaggery, Doing Good Things….

… And More! 

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