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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jul 20, 2022

Check Out Episode 253 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic and A Classic Great Convo With Zack Hayes. Zack Is A Business Owner, Podcaster, Thinker, Entrepreneur, Family Man, and All Around Good Person. Anytime Zack Is On The Podcast It's A Guaranteed Good Time and A Vat of Knowledge and Cool Perspectives On A Ton of Different Topics. With No Set Agenda We Dig Into A Little Bit of Everything From Breaking Myths, Being Open Minded, Dissecting What Average Means, Making Health & Fitness Fit Into Your Life, How To Have Longevity In Your Endeavors, Nostalgia, Growing Into New Interests, Conspiracy Theories, and Much More!

Topics Include… 

✔️ What's Made Zack Happy In The Last 2 Weeks

✔️ Breaking Myths and Getting Over Things We Hear When We're Young

✔️ How Being Closed Minded Is Breaking Down Our Society

✔️ Why Being Firm In Being Average Is Actually Above Average

✔️ Starting A Business At 19 and Weathering The Storms To Succeed

✔️ Creating Time For Your Health In Any Circumstance Instead of Giving Up

✔️ An Assessment On Nostalgia and Modern Music Legends

✔️ Self Reflection and Choosing What Fits Your Overall Success & Happiness Best

✔️ The Instant Social Media Culture Is The Gift and The Curse

✔️ The Better Way To Vacation Without The Itinerary

✔️ Having Conversations Is The Gateway Into A Better Life

✔️ Conspiracy Theories Are Closer Than They Appear 

✔️  Vanilla Ice Cream, No Limit, Allen Iverson For President, & Much More!


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