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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Mar 25, 2020

This Episode Is Both A Catchup & Some Perspective Of The State of Our World Right Now As Well As A Weekly Guide of Things To Help Get You Through The Lockdowns! We've All Never Been In A Position Like We're All In Right Now...And Our Mindset, Attitude and Actions Are Critical In A Variety of Ways.  What We Give Our Attention To Will Manifest…So How Can We Give Our Attention To The Good Amid The Negative?…Let's Talk About It! In Addition To That I Give My Day By Day Guide To Get Through The Isolation Full of Food, Music, and Fitness! So Take An Hour or So To Disconnect From The Negativity and Chaos and Stick Around For Some Thoughts! Yes Indeed! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • An Unmatched and Most Sincere Thank You To All of The Nurses, Doctors, and Medical Staff Working Fearlessly To Provide For ALL OF US…WE LOVE YOU!
  • Checking In and Getting Updates On Life
  • Not Giving An Credence To The Negative or Even Other Options Is Profound
  • An Aric Foster Run In & The Perspective Gained From It… As Always!
  • Considering How Bad Situations Can Play Out In The Future
  • Maybe Not…But What If???… That's A Much Deeper Question Than It Seems
  • A Time We Will Never Get Back and Never See Again Is Precious If We Choose It To Be
  • We're All In This Together, That Alone Is Comforting
  • If Today Are Truly Tomorrow's Good Old Days How Are We Spending Them
  • Building New Skills, Talents, Habits, Success!
  • Connecting With Everyone Virtually In This Time of Seclusion
  • A Complete Guide To Getting Through Each Day of Week On Lockdown
  • Music Playlists, Breakfast & Dinner Recipes/Playlists, Listening & Watching Things, and Full Bodyweight Workouts!
  • Just How Much I Miss Everyone, How Much I Cant Wait To See Everyone, And More!


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