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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jun 17, 2020

This Episode Brings Back The 2 Best Looking Trainers In North America Mr. Chris Liddle and Mr. Alex McBrairty To Partake In The First Over-Hyped, Under-Hyped, or Baby Bear's Porridge Hyped Episode! In This Episode We Do A Quick Life Catchup From These 2 Hooligans and Then We Give Our Opinions ON Whether Specific Topics, Things, Events, & Anything In Between Either Gets Too Much Hype, Not Enough Hype, or The Perfect Amount of Hype! Rapid Fire Doesn't Exist With These 2 Dudes So We Get Through A Few Topics…All of Which Are Awesome! Yes Indeed! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • How Life's Been Recently and What It Looks Like Moving Forward
  • Re-entering The World As The Restrictions Begin To Subside
  • The Need To Build Up The Backside
  • Avocados And Their Fragile Timeline But Unique Diversity
  • Using Dumbbells Appropriately Can Be Transformative…But Are They?
  • Foam Rolling Is Potentially A Giant Waste of Time
  • Foam Rolling Is Potentially A Game Changing Use of Time
  • Pizza Is Great In Every Form, Style, Toppings, Etc…It's Just Great
  • Pineapple On Pizza Should Be A Staple In Everyones Repertoire
  • Meet Up With Friends and Tell Someone You Love Them
  • Netflix Essentially Has No Time Limit…Just Try
  • There's A Lot of Shows That Are Probably A Big Waste of Time
  • Bumper Bowling, The Fresh Prince, Avocado Ice Cream, Pasta On Pizza… And More!

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