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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Aug 31, 2022

Check Out Episode 258 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic and Yet Another Session of Answering Different Questions and Giving More Credence To The Goodness of Fall.  In This Episode I Talk About Questions and Topics Such As Differences In Tea, The Shoe Fairy, The Healthiness of Granola, Exercising With Knee Pain, Alcohol and Weight Loss, A Will Do List Update, and Much More!

Topics Include… 

✔️ Catching Up To Speed After A Delay

✔️ The Benefits of Fall Go Beyond Pumpkins

✔️ Flannels & Sweatshirts Make The World Better

✔️ Unpacking Whether or Not Granola Is Healthy

✔️ Favorite Smoothies and Combining Flavors

✔️ A Surprise Chelsea Pop-In During The Podcast

✔️ The Shoe Fairy Has Come Once Again With More Gifts

✔️ Why Getting More Steps Can Be So Important For Long Term Health

✔️ Making The Introduction For Why We Should All Have A Sabbath Day

✔️  Dress Codes, Mofongo, Banana Splits, & Much More!


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