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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jan 13, 2021

This Episode Is A Much Needed and Extremely Important Conversation With The Guy That I Have Declared Was The "Fitness Person of The Year" Mr. Andrew Coates.  Andrew Is A Trainer, Coach, Writer, Podcaster, Repository of Health, Wellness, and Productivity Goodness.  Whether You're A Fitness Trainer or Your Average Person Looking To Improve Your Health Andrew Speaks Truth Directly To You! Among Many Great Pieces of Content That Andrew Put Out We Dig Deep Into A Specific Article About The Lies That We Tell Ourselves and We Discuss How It Applies To All of Our Lives In Virtually Every Situation of Life.  We Are All Victim of Hiding Behind Comfortable Lies To Keep Us From Taking Action…Let's Expose Them! Plus We Talk Tacos, Point Break, Figuring Out What Middle School Is, and More! There's A Lot To Discuss Here So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

✔️Recent Happiness In The Life of Andrew Coates

✔️The Ways That Andrew Thrived In A Tumultuous Year

✔️Putting Out Useful Content On A Consistent Basis Pays Off

✔️Breaking Down Your Goals Into Tactical Steps

✔️Good Relationships Grow When You're A Good Person

✔️Always Exposing Yourself To The Professionals With A Growth Mindset

✔️Looking At Your Identity As The Person You Wish To Become

✔️The 5 Lies That We Tell Ourselves To Not Put Out Content

✔️Putting Out Better Content Than The Faulty Zealots

✔️The Need To Say What's Already Been Said

✔️Worrying About What Others Will Think About You Is A Trap

✔️Seek Approval From Those That Matter, Not Those That You Think Should

✔️Taking Action Is The Key Above All Else, Drop All The Nonsense

✔️Filling Your Time With What Feels Comfortable

✔️The Books That Most Influenced Andrew Last Year and Why

✔️Instagram Accounts That Are A Must Follow For A Happier Life

✔️Tacos, Grand Theft Auto, The Fast & The Furious, Steve Yzerman, and Much More!


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