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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jan 15, 2020

This Episode Is A Re-Hashing of Life With Mr. Russell Malburg and A Recapping of Our 2019 Will Do Lists, Which Were Chalked Full of Straight Up Awesomeness With Everything From Eating Oysters To Bruce Springsteen Deep Dives! Then We Unveil Our 2020 Will Do Lists Which Are Action Packed With Even More Awesomeness Than Last Year! If You Aren’t Sure What A Will Do List Is Then Stick Around and Get Learnt…If You Are Familiar Then Stick Around And Get Learnt About 2020 and Regardless Join In On The Fun! There’s A Lot To Take In Here and We Discuss Everything From New Outfits, Becoming Soccer Fans, Roller Derby, and More! You're Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • Reviewing What A ‘Will Do List’ Is…And Why You Should Be Making One
  • Recapping 2019 and All of Its Ups & Downs
  • Visiting Boston, Traveling, Making Scarecrows, Taking Classes, Riding Bikes
  • Discussing Life Changes Within The Past 365 Days
  • Lessons Learned From Previous Will Do Lists and How They Shape Our Choices
  • Making Meetup Times Happen For Upcoming Projects 
  • Devoting The Time and Energy Into Giving Soccer A Fair Shot
  • Taking Tours and Learning History of How & Why Things Are Made
  • Practicing Thanksgiving Multiple Times Throughout The Year 
  • Buying New Outfits and Heading Out With The Wife…or Maybe With The Boys
  • Volunteering In Ways That Make The Community Grow & Often Go Overlooked
  • Visiting Local Establishments Around The Country and Brining Back Mementos
  • Riding Rollercoasters and Attending Comedy Shows
  • Parking Skills, Toastmasters, Chili’s Sous Chefs, James Bond Growth, And More! 


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