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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Feb 19, 2020

This Episode Is A Sit Down Chat With Powerlifter, Chef, Military Man, Tank of Human Being, and All Around Great Person Mr. Nate Shoemaker! Nate Is An Eclectic Guy That Has A Unique Background and Life That Involves A Variety of Different Elements.  In This Episode We Talk About His Upbringing and What Led Him Into The Life He's Living Today, How He Balances A Career and A Powerlifting Passion, HIs Evolution Into A Life of Kindness and Goodness, Eating, Cooking, Marriage, Why HIs Parents Are So Awesome, Mexican Meatloaf, and More! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • Why Nate's Parents Are So Amazing and Celebrating Birthdays
  • Life As A Timid Kid Evolving Into An Outgoing Powerlifter 
  • Joining The Military and The Transformation It Created 
  • Taking The Time To Be Kind and Courteous To Other People 
  • Letting Go of All The Negativity adn Living In 'Positivity Forest'
  • Why Talking To Strangers and Randomly Starting Conversations Is The Best 
  • How Marriage Brings Out The Best Sides of A Person an Loving Your Spouse
  • The Importance of Going The Extra Mile On Your Own To Get To The Next Level
  • Experimenting With Food To Find What Your Specialty Is
  • Taking Chances With Every Area of Your Life With Personal Confidence 
  • Balancing A Career With A Passion And What It Takes To Make It Happen 
  • Going From Working Out To Sticking With A Program and What That Entails
  • Checking Your Ego and Growing In A Community of Fitness & Support 
  • Learning What Your Raw Strength Actually Is and How To Control It 
  • Eating Like A Savage To Eating With A Goal In Mind…Which Includes Lunchables
  • Being Kind…If Nothing Else Simply Be Kind, That's Transforming 
  • Mexican Meatloaf, Starry Night, Bloodsport, Flying Squirrels, And More! 

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