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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jun 12, 2019

This Episode Is About Summer Streaking and Building Momentum Beyond Self-Doubt. It’s Just Me Today, No Guests, But You’re Still Gonna Love It! Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It! 

Topics Include…

  • Dealing With A Lack of Confidence 
  • Building A Summer Streak For Awesomeness
  • Anchoring Your Motivation In The Right Places
  • The Magnitude That Insecurities Can Have
  • My Struggles and How I Overcame/Continue To Overcome Them
  • Taking Short Walks Every Single Day & Why You Should Too
  • Choosing Something To Better Your Life, and Making It Small
  • Failing At Running, Summer Bodies … And More! 

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People/Things That Keep Me Motivated: