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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Feb 12, 2020

This Episode Is Another Fantastic Chat With 2 Of My Favorite Peeps and Podcast Regulars The Finks! We Get Into A Brief 7 x 7 Which Really Is Just A 3 x 3…But We Catch Up On Life, Discuss Why Conversation Is Therapy, Finding The Good In Things, Whether or Not Talking Politics Is A Good Thing, Sports, Wedding Speeches, Rapid Fire Questions, Bringing Happiness Into Our Lives and More! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • How Much Happiness Comes From Good Friends Getting Together 
  • Catching Up On Life's Adventures 
  • How We've Personally Grown Since Age 20 
  • Best Man Speeches and Staying Connected With Best Friends 
  • Whether or Not Talking Politics Is A Good or Bad Thing 
  • If We've Gone Too Far Into The Abyss As A Society To Reconcile 
  • Movies That Have Changed Our Lives & Why The Fact That I Don't Get The Top Gun Hype
  • Best Sports To Both Watch and Play and Why I Struggle To Watch Pros
  • Some Quick Teaching Tips For The Teacher and The Learner
  • Finding That Comfort Zone and Stretching Just Outside of It
  • People From All Different Walks of Life Coming Together and Being Happy
  • Snowboarding and How To Make It Great
  • How Apprenticeship Is A Lost Art and Why It Needs To Be Restored
  • Planning Out The Next Crescent Moons
  • Is Pluto or Is Pluto Not A Planet Is Irrelevant…Just Stop Hating On Pluto
  • X Games, Disrespect, Pizza Is The Most Important Part, And More! 

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