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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Apr 8, 2020

This Week’s Episode Is A Quarantine Catchup With The Extraordinary Human Adam Son! Just Incase You're Not Privy To Adam's Awesomeness, He Is An Amazing Trainer, Fount of Nutritional Knowledge, and Most Importantly An All Around Good Dude! This Is A Conversation That Gives Us Some Insight On How Adam's Living On Lockdown, and Will Hopefully Give Some Thoughts, Tips, and Info That Could Be Useful.  Most Importantly Though It's A Distraction From All The Chaos…And Detaching From All The Chaos Is A Great Thing Right Now! We Cover Everything From French Toast, To Exercise, To Movies! Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It! Take An Hour or So To Disconnect From The Negativity and Chaos and Stick Around For Some Thoughts!

Topics Include…

  • A Quarantine Life Catchup
  • How Routines Have Evolved Over The Past Few Weeks
  • Finding The Positives Doesn't Detach You From Reality
  • Getting In Workouts Amid The Secluded Challenges
  • There's No Right or Wrong Way To Deal With This Stressful Time
  • Finding Comfort In People Is All You Need
  • The Fear of Just Becoming Consumption Junkies & Pushers
  • There Are Levels Of Important Things In Life, Let's Keep Em In Order
  • The Best Sandwiches, Which May Involve French Toast
  • Some People's Hair Looks Greasy and Others Look GREAT…Gulp!
  • Using Technology To Learn Anything You Need/Want Right Now
  • Vanilla Not Getting Enough Love Whatsoever
  • Those That Don't Get Enough Love
  • What Makes A Good Movie and Some Suggestions
  • Upcoming Haircuts, Dairy Queen Orders, McGriddles, Nerdiness, And More!


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