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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Aug 26, 2020

This Episode Is Part 2 of 2 With Lyle McDonald! Lyle Is The Definition of An O.G. When It Comes To Nutrition, Dieting, Training, and Telling It Like It Is Lyle Is In A League of His Own.  He Is The Founder of and The Author of Countless Books, Articles, and Content On All Things Nutrition. In This 2nd Episode With Lyle We Talk About A Lot of The Good P& Bad of The Dieting Industry, Figuring Out What Actually Works For You, Understanding Calories, Weight Maintenance Struggles, And Even Finish Off With Some Rapid Fire Questioning of Fun! It's Yet Another Hour of Nutritional Bomb Drops and We Only Scratch The Surface. There's A Lot To Discuss Here So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • ✔️Getting Tricked Into Eating Less…The Good & The Bad
  • ✔️The Bright Lines That Lead To Short Term Success But Long Term Struggles
  • ✔️Learning Valuable Lessons and Moving On With What Works Best For You
  • ✔️The Truth About Flexible Dieting and Why It's Not A Free For All
  • ✔️The Muddled World of Dieting Rhetoric, Advice, & Protocols
  • ✔️Know Your Calories and Then Make Decisions To Care or Not
  • ✔️The Problem Isn't Weight Loss…It's Weight Maintenance
  • ✔️Spending The Time To Measure and Weigh Food In Order To Pay Attention
  • ✔️As Your Body Adapts To Fat Loss Your Decisions May Have To Follow
  • ✔️Finding The Foods That Are Better & Worse For Your Personal Triggers
  • ✔️Never Look Behind You, You Never Know What Might Be Coming
  • ✔️Making Paper Airplanes, Austin Texas, Satchel Paige, and Much More!

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