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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Oct 28, 2020

Checkout Episode 162 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic! This Is A Superb Podcast With Superb Human Mike Howard! Mr. Lean Minded Himself Joins The Pod For A Chat About All Things 'Becoming A Healthier, Happier, and Awesomer Person! Mike Is Health & Wellness Coach, Writer, Author, Speaker, Traveler, and Powerhouse Human Being. We Chat About What It Means To Be Lean Minded, Realistic Approaches, Asking The Right Questions, The Middle Ground, Poutine, and More! As Usual There's A Whole Lotta Other Fun And Just It's Another All Around Good Time! So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • ✔️Who The Heck Mike Howard Is
  • ✔️Why Sumi Singh Is An Incredible Human Being
  • ✔️Things That Have Made Mike Happy Recently
  • ✔️What It Means To Be Lean Minded
  • ✔️Finding Your Why & How To Achieve Health Freedom
  • ✔️Asking The Thoughtful Questions That Need To Be Asked
  • ✔️Finding The Middle Ground Between Too Soft and Too Tough
  • ✔️Changing Your Wiring & Mindset Until 'Better' Is Just What You Do
  • ✔️Poutine Is The Food of The gods…Thank You Canada
  • ✔️Building A Healthier Youth For The Future
  • ✔️Wu Tang Clan For The Ultimate Win, It's Much Deeper Than C.R.E.A.M.
  • ✔️Above All, Know You Are Worth It
  • ✔️Billy Madison, Clip On Ties, Spicy Thai Noodles, Workout Songs, and More!


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