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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Oct 30, 2019

This Week’s Episode Is A Somewhat Solemn & Seemingly Somber Message But Has A Positive and Hopeful Meaning. It’s A Semi-Preachy Banter But I Think An Important One.  There’s A Fair Share of Rambling But The Main Focus Is On An Accident I Was In and The Ferocious Reminder of How Thankful I Am For The Life I Get To Live, Which I’m Sure You Can Resonate With Because Life Is Great…Very Precious and Fragile, But Great! Hopefully You'll Get Something Out of This! Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It! 

Topics Include…

  • Memento Mori…One Day We Are Going To Die 
  • Hitting A Deer On The Highway At 75mph
  • Not Letting An Ounce of Lifee Go Unappreciated 
  • Having The Most Amazing People In Your Life Is The Ultimate Happiness 
  • Going To Concerts As Much As Possible Because This Time Will Be Over Soon
  • Make Your Love Known Verbally and Physically To The Ones You Love 
  • The Importance of Embracing Every Moment of The NOW!
  • Every Day Is A Chance To Show Your Thankfulness and Gratitude
  • I’m Beyond Excited To Be Getting Married
  • Do Not Put Work Over Family…Safeguard Against This With Fervency
  • Talking With Women About Hot Flashes & Mammograms Without Warning
  • Find The Good In All Situations... Love Your Life or Change It! 
  • Dont Wait! 
  • Hating Halloween, Loving Fun Size Snickers, Donkey Kong, Stuffing Is The Best Thanksgiving Food, and More! 


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