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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Dec 1, 2021

Checkout Episode 220 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic With Health & Nutrition Supercoach Jon Vlahogiannakos of Strong Jon Fitness.  Jon Is An Online Coach That Specializes In Helping Real Adults With Real Adult Lives & Responsibilities Gain and Keep Control of Their Health, Weight, and Lifestyle That Fits Them.  In A World of Crazy Diets, Crazy Workouts, and Restrictive Nonsense Jon Teaches How To Actually Build Your Own Disciplined Life While Still Being Able To Actually Enjoy Life & See Results At The Same Time.  How To Fit Donuts & Pizza Into A Life of Wellness, Adjusting Your Habits To Your Lifestyle, What 'Relationships With Food Actually Mean', Tracking Calories, How To Make Grilled Cheese, Canadian Athletes, and Much Much More! … Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It! 

Topics Include…

✔️ Having Trouble Pronouncing Vlahogiannakos and Why Greek Food Is So Good

✔️ Misconceptions About Flexible Dieting and How To Make It work

✔️ Why & How To Start Tracking Calories

✔️ What Having A 'Bad Relationship With Food' Actually Means

✔️ Planning Ahead, Especially With Protein, Changes Most Everything

✔️ Real Ways To Get More Protein Into Your Day

✔️ Why Having A Mantra of 'Just Trying It' Will Set You Free

✔️ Food Is Generally The Harder Struggle Than Exercise

✔️ A Bold Claim About Pop Tarts Rating

✔️ A Potential Disagreement About The Rating of Tim Hortons

✔️ Jon's Go To 'Low Calorie & Nutrient Dense' Foods

✔️ How To Find Your Staple Meals That Fit Your Lifestyle and Tastebuds

✔️ The Difference In Getting Scripted Planes and Creating Your Own

✔️ Using Personal Experiences To Help Others (And Yourself) Grow

✔️ A Little Bit of Extra Effort Each Day Goes A Long Way

✔️ Stopping The Bleeding As Early As Possible Is The Key To Long Term Change

✔️ It's Preposterously Difficult To Overeat Lean Protein

✔️ Chocolate Milk Iced Capps & Donut Day

✔️ Toronto's Awesomeness, Best Breakfasts, All Time Canadian Athletes, The Grinch and Mariah Carey, & Much More!


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