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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Oct 7, 2020

Checkout Episode 159 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic! This Is Part 2 As A Follow Up To Last Week's Episode About The Concept of Tracking…Is It Good, Bad, or Somewhere In Between? This Is The Topic Today Right After A Quick Chat About Masks, Sushi, & Otis Redding.  This Week I Make The Case For Tracking Numbers, Counting Calories & More Importantly Journaling. Whether Or Not You Should or Shouldn't Probably Lies In The Middle So Here We Pit The Two Against Each Other.  It's Another All Around Good Time! So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

✔️How Fast Times Is Flying and Crawling All At The Same Time

✔️The Continued Rant of The Dehumanization of Masks

✔️Getting Sushi With The Perfect Order

✔️Otis Redding And The Loss of Soul

✔️Recapping Why Tracking Numbers May or May Not Be Trapping You

✔️Calories Count Even If You Don't Want Them To

✔️Tracking Is A Loaded Term and What's The Difference

✔️Seeing The Numbers Forces Honesty

✔️The Opportunity To Educate Yourself About Foods & Calories

✔️Helping You Plan & Planning Leads To Success

✔️Food Scales Over Fitness Food Trackers

✔️The Need To Be Vulnerable and Find Your Middle

✔️More Snob Bashing, Famous Amos Cookies, Engagements, and More!

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