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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Feb 10, 2021

This Episode Is Another Q&A On A Buncha Different Topics Ranging From Eating More To Lose Weight To Horror Movie People and Why I Don't Understand Them.  Among Many Other Things We Chat About Protein Chips Being Underrated, Exercise vs. Eating For Weight Loss, Burning Calories vs. Housing Donuts, The Green Mile Tom Hanks Movies, Adding Food And Losing Weight, Knowledge & Wisdom, Teaching, Horror Film Issues, Getting Scared, & Delicious Chips! There's A Lot To Discuss Here So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

✔️ Super Bowl Commercials, Snacks, and Game Itself

✔️ The Music Man For Movies Is My Retirement Job

✔️Protein Chips Might Be The Best Kept Secret In Awesomeness

✔️Is Nutrition More Important Than Exercises For Weight Loss?

✔️Why The Answer Yes Nutrition Is More Important

✔️The Difference In Burning Calories and Eating Calories

✔️Eating More To Lose Weight… Is It Possible?

✔️Starvation Is A Real Thing and It Doesn't Involve Excess Body Fat

✔️Fixing Meals Helps You Stave Off Hunger

✔️The Perplexity of Why People Enjoy Being Scared & Like Horror Movies

✔️The Green Mile Is A Top 5 Movie of All Time… Agree or Disagree?

✔️Lessons Learned From Teaching That Apply To Health & Fitness

✔️Knowledge Gets Us Nowhere Without Actual Wisdom and Learning To Learn

✔️Scary Movies, Tom Hanks Brings The Heat, Chip Differences, and Much More!


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