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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jun 10, 2020

This Episode Is A 2 Topic Episode About The Power of Front-Loading Your Mindset Before Starting Something With Real Expectations of The Struggles That You'll Face and How It Will Help You Endure…As Well As A Plea To Find An Active Hobby and While It Will Make Your Life Awesomer! It's Just Me In This Episode To Enter At Your Own Risk But This Episode Will Hopefully Give A Lot of Useful Information of How To Help Get To A Happier & Healthier Life Instead of Being Blindsided By The Struggle! …  Stick Around For The Fun My Friends! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • A Looking Toward The Summer and All of It's UV Rays
  • Front-Loading Our Mindset With Real Perspective
  • Embracing The Struggles & Stress of Life Before They Happen
  • The Burnout Rate of Teachers In The First Few Years
  • Being The Hammer and Not The Nail
  • Building Endurance By Preparing For The Turmoil
  • Not Giving Lip Service To 'Knowing' Things
  • The Desire To Quit Is Amplified When We Are Ignorant
  • You Can Change Your Life…Don't Be Afraid To Start
  • You Will Have Stresses That Feel Uncomfortable…and That's Great News
  • Finding Active Hobbies All Around You
  • Disc Golf May Be Silly and Ridiculous To Some…But It Might Be Awesome For You
  • Aligning Your Hobbies With A More Active Lifestyle
  • The Calorie Burn That Comes From Normal Things
  • Being Active Creates Not Only A Healthier Life, But A Much Happier Life As Well
  • Thai Food Spice Level, Historic Homes, Criticism of Throwing Frisbees, And More!

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