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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Feb 26, 2020

This Episode Is A 30 Minute Rambling Followed By A Quick 30 Minutes of Answering A Few Questions…It's More or Less Just A Chance For Me To Talk, Which Is Sometimes Just Necessary, But Also Hopefully There's Some Takeaways For You! In This Episode I Talk About Everthing From Chipotle Bowls, Target Dressers, Bob Dylan Songs, Core Strengthening Exercises, Evolving Your Eating, Rapping Eggs, Song Lyrics, Bodyweight Exercises, Words To Live By, America, and More! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • My Love For Chipotle and How To Make Eating Out Healthier
  • Being In Control of Your Own Decisions Regardless of Where You Are
  • The Struggle…SEVERE Struggle That Comes With Assembling Dresser
  • Why I Love My Friends Michelle & Dorothy & Why We Should Live Life Like Them
  • The Possibility of Getting Into Video Games Is Never Off The Table
  • My Argument For The 3 Best Games of All Time
  • Reviewing The Last Thing I Ate and How My Eating Has Evolved
  • Exercises & Ways To Build A Stronger Core
  • Bob Dylan Songs And Why Choosing A Favorite Is Extremely Hard
  • Tracking Food vs. Weighing Food…What's The Difference?
  • Is There Anything That Makes Me Angry
  • Some Major Fitness Professionals That I Respect, Trust, and Think You Should Follow
  • Song Lyrics That Pop Into My Head and Being Able To Live By Not Fearing Death
  • Thai Food Is Awesome!
  • Reasons Why I Think America Is So Good
  • Rapping Egg Vines, Fast Food Combos, Donkey Kong Country 2, Black & Not Black Coffee, And More! 


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