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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Feb 13, 2019

This Episode Is A Conversation With Me, Myself, & You About The Importance of Revisiting, Reviewing, & Assessing Impactful Things From Our Past… As Well As A Breakdown of ‘Eat That Frog’ By Brian Tracy, Which Is One of The Most Impactful Books That I’ve Ever Read That I Know Will Help You! 

Topics Include…

  • The Power of Eating The Frog
  • Revisiting Things Year In and Year Out 
  • Setting Your Table Before You Begin 
  • How Greatly Important It Is To Create An Environment That Works For YOU
  • Prioritizing Things That Are Really Important and Things That Waste Time
  • Getting Rest To Get To Your Best 
  • The Night To Shine That Has Changed My Life 
  • Cooking On Hot Rocks, Cereal At Bars, Playing Board Games, Tribe Called Quest
  • … And More! 

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Check Out Eat That Frog Here