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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Nov 21, 2018

This Episode Is A First Installment of A Multiple Installment Series With Special Guest Mark Brandimarte! A Legendary Man That Wears Many Hats From Musician, Coach, Teacher, Husband, Vegetarian, Superhuman! One of The Most Interesting Guys On The Planet With A Myriad of Stories, We Only Touch The Surface on This Episode! 

Topics Include…

  • The Different Hats of Mark Brandimarte 
  • Early Bands and Music Influence 
  • Looking To The Next Step 
  • Scotty Seales and The Red Shift
  • Not Being Commies & Bizarre Shows  
  • Mentorship and What Matters Most
  • Fond du Lac Basements 
  • Christian Punk Rock, Washing Machine Merch, Ice Cream, A Good Bed, Fruity Pebble Shakes…

… And More! 

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