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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Nov 14, 2018

This Episode Is A Lengthy Ramble of My Thoughts, Opinions, and Rationale On Single Best Exercise(s) For You To Do & The Act of Fasting, Among Some Random Tangents!… It’s All Types of Awesome!  

Topics Include…

  • Building And Remaining ‘Fitness’ In All Ranges/Positions 
  • The Turkish Getup and All It’s Awesomeness 
  • Why You Should Possibly Not Fast
  • Why You Should Possibly Fast 
  • A Case For Walking & Stretching 
  • Skwatting and Deadlifting Being Awesome 
  • Being Real With Yourself, Not Just What You Want 
  • Chasing A Short Term Fat Loss Scenario
  • Musicals, Talented Families, Breakfast Regulars, Kids Movies, GIFs…

… And More! 

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