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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Oct 24, 2018

This Episode Is Part 1 of A Q&A From Awesome People That I Got That Range From Workouts To Childhood Stories and Lots of Random Things In Between… It’s All Types of Awesome!  I Also Start Off With A Brief Story Time and Catch Up! 

Topics Include…

  • Michigan vs Michigan State Game 
  • Soup & Donut Issues 
  • Book Recommendations For All People 
  • Where To Start To Lose A LOT Of Weight 
  • Limiting Carbohydrates 
  • My Current Training Routine 
  • Only Doing 1 Exercise 
  • Favorite Mantra and Quote All Time 
  • Past and Current Inspirations 
  • Women & Weightlifting…

… And More! 

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