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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Oct 17, 2018

This Episode I Talk About ‘Punching The Clock’, Which Is A Topic and Idea That Many of Us Need To Hear Often.  I Give My Thoughts On Where To Find The Balance Between Idiocy and Apathy and Just Show Up! hAs Usual I Talk About A Bunch of Random Things On Top Of It… 

Topics Include…

  • ‘Punching The Clock’ 
  • Finding The Mindset Between Idiocy and Apathy
  • Why Showing Up Is What Wins
  • Doing The Things We Need To When We Least Want To
  • Making Connections Between Other Areas In Our Life
  • Using Others As A Model of Inspiration and Commitment 
  • Sleeping For A Night, Rivalries and Fans, Low Temp Water, Cornbread…

… And More! 

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