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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Aug 8, 2018

his Episode Is Part 2 of A Three Way Barrage of Awesomeness With Alex McBrairty & Adam Son As We Combine Forces To Talk Health, Fitness, and Life Entitled ‘The Chocolate Box’. We Discuss Lots of Things Mostly We Talk Our Thoughts On Fitness & Relationships and Rapid Fire Questions In This Part 2 Episode! But We Talk A Bunch of Random Things On Top of It All… Topics Include…

Making Fitness Fit Relationships 

  • Beign Empathic and Encouraging 
  • Never Retiring & Taking Too Long To Answer Questions 
  • Bacon Being Overrated 
  • Traffic and Getting Lost 
  • Stretching Time, Solving Problems, Eating Contests…

… And More! 

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