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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jul 18, 2018

This Episode Is The Return of Russell Malburg As We Do A 2018 ‘Will Do List’ Progress Report.  We Give An Update Of Our Own Will Do Lists So Far As Checkpoint For Both Accountability And To Hopefully Give You Some Ideas. So Where Are You At In Your List? Its The Perfect Chance To Reflect On All That You Did or Should Have Done…And Then Get Moving!  We Talk A A Bunch of Random Things On Top of It All… Topics Include…

  • Seeing Old Friends
  • The Landscape of Running 13.1 Miles 
  • Multiple Churches and Charity Events 
  • Canning Food and Hesitating On Bike Buying
  • Reading Books and Seeing Movies
  • Me Needing To Get It In Gear
  • Overrated Things, Underrated Things, Zoo Animals, Living Your Best Life…

… And More! 

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