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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jun 27, 2018

This Episode Is My Thoughts On The Significance of The Talk We Tell Ourselves and How Turning Them Around Into Words of Our Future Truth Can Transform Our Lives. Sounds Confusing BU]ut It’s Not, It Might Be Life Altering! In Addition To A Bit of Rambling On Lunch Concerts, Racism, Europe Trips, and A Bunch of Random Things On Top of It All… Topics Include…

  • Turning Around Your Talk 
  • The Words We Speak To Ourselves
  • Becoming More By Talking Different 
  • Overcoming The Negative Stigmas
  • Mental Traps We Fall Into
  • Lunchtime Concerts, Tons of Fruit, Racist Perplexity, Mediterranean Trips …

… And More! 

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