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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Mar 7, 2018

In This Episode I Talk About The ALL or NOTHING Mindset/‘Whatever Effect’ and Ways We Sabotage Ourselves As A Result. Topics I Rant About Include…

  • The Trap of Being ‘All In’ or ‘All Out’ 
  • When Willpower Dwindles and We ‘Mess Up’
  • Asinine Diets That Set Us Up For Failure 
  • Cementing A Mindset of Either Inadequacy or Empowerment 
  • Prevention Being The Best Cure 
  • Using ‘Implementation Intention’ To Stay On Point
  • Hard Rules & Bright Lines 
  • Getting Back To Charity, Reviewing Old Albums, Bad & Good Music, Indian Food, New Flags, Potholes, Headlights…

… And More! 

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