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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Dec 18, 2019

This Week’s Episode Of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic Is An Alex McBrairty Filled Extravaganza of Funk! We Battle Through Multiple Tech Issues Throughout This Episode But We Come Out On Top! This Is A Great Chat About How Fast A Decade Goes and How To Capitalize On The Moment! Outside of A Catching Up On Life We Discuss A Variety of Topics Ranging From Cookie Contests, Growing Through Your 20s, Ten Years Gone By, Drake, Mental & Physical Growth, Bill Murray, and More! I Know You’ll Get A Lot Out of This! Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It! 

Topics Include…

  • Looking Back At The Last 10 Years And Reflecting On Change 
  • Have 15 Years of Experience or 1 Year of Experience Repeated 15 Times Over 
  • The Small Choices You Make Today Will Transform Your Future
  • Doing Life With The People You Workout With…AKA Your Family
  • Major Life Hacks To Capitalize On Delivery Meals and Get Better At Cooking
  • Visiting Our Friend From The Great White North Mr. Chris Liddle
  • A Brief Prelude Into The Idea of Sonder…and Life Existing Without Your Presence
  • Listening To Drake and Waking Up With Backaches At The Same Time
  • Mindset Changes Often Supersede Physical Changes 
  • The People You Will Meet In The Course of A Few Years Can Change Your Life
  • Not Putting Limitations On How Much You Can Change Your Life
  • Staying Open To People of All Walks Of Life Becoming A Part of Who You Are
  • Living A Groundhog Day Life Without Bill Murray Is A Nightmare
  • Using Life Skills In Other Areas of Life To Your Fitness Journey For Success
  • Cookie Contests, Short Weddings, Canada Before Winter, Face To Face Meetings, and More! 

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