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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Apr 29, 2020

This Episode Is A Quarantine Catchup Chat With The One & Only Jason Leenaarts of Revolutionary Fitness & Therapy, Host of The Revolutionary You Podcast, Author of A Revolution A Day & The Revolution Is You, An Awesome Social Media, Blogger, A Recovering Musician, and Above All…An All Around Good Dude! Jason Has A Unique Gift To Break Down Information and Give Opinion & Wisdom On A Variety of Topics That Range From Health and Fitness To Real Life Situations.  In This Episode Jason Gives Advice, Tips, and Thoughts On Everything From Dealing With This Pandemic To Influential Albums! It's A Great Chat So Stick Around and Detach From The Shutdown Stress…Yes Indeed! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • What Life Is Like On Lockdown In Ohio
  • Not Just Taking In Information But Actually Doing Something With It
  • Reviewing Past Podcast Guest and Pulling The Key Points Out Both In & Out of Context
  • Adjusting To Life During This Pandemic And Taking The Right Perspective
  • Keeping A Set Routine To Remain Focused and Set Up For The Most Success
  • How You Deal With Stress Is Individual…There's Not A Set 'Right or Wrong'
  • Jason Doesn't Eat When He's Stressed...And We All Hate Him For It…But Gives Advice To Beat It
  • Banding Together To Get Through This Together
  • Finding Your Groove In Times of Turmoil…Should You Relax or Can You Push
  • Just Do Something And You've Won The Day
  • Influential Albums In The Life of Jason With Some Detail As To Why
  • Some Fantastic Music Suggestions For All of Us To Dig Into
  • Slowing Down When Eating, Setting Up Your Environment, and Owning Your Health
  • Staying Away From The News Is Probably A Great Thing
  • Unfollowing The Social Media That Is Going To Derail Your Emotions
  • Jellyfish & Spilt Milk, Saturated Fat, Janes Addiction, Vanilla Ice Skills, Movies Changing Over Time, Not , … And More!


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