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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Apr 24, 2019

This Episode Is Another 7x7 With Russell Edward Malburg, and We Display A Lack of Competency With A Good Minute of 'Dead Air’…Classic Case of 2 Inept Individuals! Within The Dullness However There Is Actually A Whole Heap of Great Ideas On Seven Different Topics.  

Topics Include…

  • Why The State of Michigan Is Amazing 
  • Smiles Make The World Grow Bright 
  • 3rd Grade Memories and Righting Past Mistakes 
  • Songs That Get Caught In Our Head and Awkward Silence 
  • What’s Right and Wrong With The Movies
  • What We’re Currently Listening To 
  • Bar Trivia & Useless Knowledge 
  • Make It A Point Say People’s Names 
  • Bike Races, The Thimble, Cereal Challenge Answers , And More! 

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