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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jan 20, 2021

This Episode Is An Answering of Some Health, Fitness, & Life Questions With The Friendly Canadian (Which Is A Redundancy), The One and Only Mr. Chris Liddle.  We End Up Getting To and Giving Some Insight On A Few Questions About Quitting A Pop Habit, Finding Your Weight Loss Calories, Beastie Boys Tracks, Fitness People You Should Follow, & More! However That's All After A Catchup Chat and Rabbit Hole Conversation That Involves Everything From Where To Find Motivation, Our Favorite Quotes, Chewbacca In The Passenger Seat, Books We Have Recently Read, Positive People, and More! There's A Lot To Discuss Here So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

✔️ Recent Happiness In The Life of Chris Liddle

✔️ A Lot of Questions About Health, Fitness, & Life Answered

✔️ The Power of Technology To Connect Us To Good Things

✔️ Learning From Anybody and Everybody With Openness

✔️ Applying Yourself To Your Greatest Abilities Will Reap Rewards

✔️ The Inspiration That Comes From Running Across Canada

✔️ Quotes That Give Hope & Quotes That Give Purposed Happiness

✔️ Paul Revere vs. Sabotage… In The End We All Win

✔️ How To Quit A Soda Addiction…or Is It Pop? Yes It's Pop!

✔️The Best Coffees To Drink From The Comfort of Your Own Home

✔️How To Figure Out Your Weight Loss Calories

✔️Finding Your Maintenance May Take Longer But It's A Forever Plan

✔️Do Canadians Learn About United States History?

✔️The Books We've Recently Read That Are Dope

✔️The Deep World of Psycho-Cybernetics…Whatever That Means

✔️Zealots, Emancipators, Disparities, & The Ways To Talk To Anybody

✔️Instagram Accounts That You Should Certainly Follow

✔️Chewbacca, Lovey Dovey-ness, No Crazy Poops, Travels, and Much More!


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